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About Aetina


Dedicated to industrial grade graphics cards and GPGPU solutions for embedded applications, Aetina was founded 2012 in Taiwan as a key subsidiary of Innodisk Corporation. Our core team has over 20 years combined experience in video cards and industrial computing. Our products target critical imaging applications with industrial grade GPU technology and industrial grade support.

Aetina offers the widest range of industrial graphics cards on the market, meeting the specific demands of medical, defense & aerospace, factory automation, outdoor signage and more. We stand out by fulfilling and exceeding the unique requirements of customers with industry specific form factors like MXM, VPX and features such as multi-displays, small form factors, fanless designs and more.

At Aetina, long-term support is our core commitment to our customers with an understanding that industrial products have much longer development cycles and are expected to stay in service longer as well. We pride ourselves on collaboration with customers through close technical support as well as strong hardware and firmware customization services throughout development. Customers gain from our industrial know-how with products that stay in service longer thanks to Aetina’s wide operating temperature technology and protective conformal coatings services.

With the dedication to industrial graphics, commitment to long-term support with close technical collaboration, and key industrial know-how, let us provide the finest industrial graphics cards and service to our customers and business partners.


Our Vision


Aetina aims to not only provide better graphics solutions for mission critical applications but to enable the next generation of high performance embedded systems with total solution GPU accelerated computing.

Modern GPUs designed for intensive real-time image processing can efficiently perform massively parallel calculations that would overwhelm traditional CPUs. With GPU-enhanced computing, embedded systems can experience acceleration on orders of magnitude for signal processing, image manipulation, radar imaging, and more.

Offering GPGPU parallel computing in the unique form factors required by defense, aerospace, and industrial clients, we aim to massively enhance graphics and compute performance of embedded systems and enable new capabilities such as real time visualizations on large datasets for better results in the air, on the ground, or in the operating room. With years of experience in the relentless pursuit of innovation and our unique industrial know-how, we hope to create product lines for our customers, which offer total solution GPU-accelerated computing.


Our Capabilities


Industrial Grade Technology

Industrial graphics cards require industrial-strength technology. Aetina’s graphics cards boast wide temperature capability verified through stringent testing that goes above and beyond the IEC 60068 standard.

To safeguard electronic components from rough environmental hazards, Aetina also offers conformal coatings on its graphics cards. These coatings protect against moisture, dust, harsh chemicals, and solder joint corrosion due to contact with air. Our industrial grade features improve reliability and extend product service life.

Beyond commercial grade technology, our graphics cards are designed with ESD-resistance to provide antistatic protection. Difficult to prevent, especially in industrial environments, high voltage electrostatic discharges can shorten life spans or even destroy IC components. With ESD resistant components and design, Aetina’s graphics cards are protected against this invisible hazard.

Professional Manufacturing Facility

Aetina is committed to quality manufacturing. Our products are made in Taiwan at an ISO 9001 compliant production facility with 20 years of PCBA experience. All graphics cards are manufactured in line with stringent IPC Class 2 guidelines for “Dedicated Service Electronic” products. The factory is a total static free environment, certified RoHS compliant and implements OSHAS 18001 occupational health and safety management for the workers. The use of a shop floor control system to guide our production ensures consistent product quality.

Product Customization

With a dedicated engineering team, Aetina has the capability to not only develop great products but to customize graphics solutions to customer specifications. Besides our existing portfolio of COTS graphics cards, new graphics solutions can be tailored for optimal performance and compatibility with industrial platforms, reducing development cycles. Through the combination of an experienced development team and on-site production facility, new products can be rapidly developed to bring enhanced graphics and compute performance to specialized systems.


Our Strengths


Industrial Graphics Specialists

Industrial GPU solutions are our main focus. Unlike others who sell graphics cards on the side, our deep understanding of industrial graphics needs means we offer small form factor cards for slim systems, multi-display solutions for video walls, conduction cooling designs, mezzanine cards, and more. Our unique insight into the specific product types and features industrial and embedded customers desire in this critical component lets us devote ourselves to their specific requirements and demands. We understand that longer life cycle, SWaP constrained systems, and rugged environments are a fact of life for many of our customers and have adapted our GPU solutions to fulfill their needs.

Specialized Form Factors

While consumer graphics cards use PCI Express, expansion card formats in the industrial and embedded markets are much more varied with standards and backplanes varying by industry and application. Aetina supports embedded form factors like MXM, VPX, CompactPCI Express and XMC. By accommodating customer system requirements, product development time is reduced.

Dedicated Engineering Support

Aetina offers strong engineering support with a capable firmware and hardware engineering team. Our dedication to industrial customers is shown by our graphics card product longevity programs and long term customer support through the development process. Industrial products usually demand longer development cycles and lifespans. Aetina’s commitment to long-term support means close collaboration during development, as well as the technology and manufacturing quality to ensure long product life spans. With equal support for OEM/ODM customers and COTS buyers, Aetina uses its technical expertise and market knowledge to provide appropriate product guidance for end-user applications.