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Defense Case Study

CompactPCI-Express GPGPU Board Fueled Graphics Power for Vetronics in Rugged Vehicles

The Situation

A Sophisticated data-transmission and real-time encryption/decryption radar system is essential in the field of detection in defense and military. Lightweight, low power envelope, in the restricted space and severe environmental conditions are mostly the challenges faced by the vetronics in ground vehicles.


The Challenge

To enhance the capabilities of high signal displaying performance and accelerated imagery processing of their system, our customer expects to develop a PC-based computing platform with multi-GPU solution in high density but low power consumption to integrated high levels of performance with their 6U CompactPCI system for the rugged computing marketplace. Our customer is also required the state-of-the-art NVIDIA® GPU with custom BIOS configurations for the board-level solution.  

Aetina, who can provide dedicated technician and long product life cycle, meeting their tailored requirements and tight timeline. Our prompt offering of the evaluation sample helps to start the development process smoothly and sooner.


The Solution 

Aetina provides C6N960M-JDH as a solution, which features as compact and robust 6U CompactPCI Express carrier board, compliant to PICMG 2.0, R3.0, based at 5.0GHz PCI Express 2.0 16-lanes cache. C6N960M-JDH is allowing four independent displays through dual DVI, HDMI and VGA from front J5 or switchable to rear side with triple TMDS and single analog, with up to 4K resolution and H.264, VC-1 and MPEG2 1080p video decoding.

This carrier also integrated Aetina’s industrial-grade and modular MXM, M3N960M-JN, utilizing the NVIDIA GTX 960M GPU to create superior CUDA-computing processing and 1.53 TFLOPS computational performance in GPGPU field.


The Results

Aetina’s ruggedized CompactPCI Express GPU board successfully provides an ideal solution combined displaying and computing in multi-chip configuration with customer required NVIDIA GPU. It is not only the graphics board with quad-displays, rich I/O settings, real-time graphics processing with 4K, but also a premium GPGPU engine to accelerate high-speed parallel processing and massive data-computing, that best fit their rugged and embedded computing platform in this critical application

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