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Defense and Aerospace

Defense and Aerospace

High performance embedded computing is essential to an increasing array of military systems. Sophisticated software-based radar systems and real time encryption/decryption is moving from the control room to SWaP constrained environments like UAVs and even today’s ground vehicles use advanced signal processing to enhance situational awareness and achieve mission objectives. This sea-change in ISR capability is being driven by the flexible power of GPGPU computing. With massively parallel architecture, strong floating point performance and access to extremely fast memory, GPU cards are well suited to the real time signal processing challenges of today’s defense and aerospace systems. Modern embedded computing systems enhanced with GPU-acceleration are changing the game with their ability to efficiently perform complex real-time computations once the exclusive domain of specialized FPGAs.

For military computing systems, Aetina offers the latest Nvidia GPUs in rugged, specialized form factors including 3U VPX, XMC, MXM, and CompactPCI Express. Aetina’s ruggedization services for harsh military environments including the use of ENIG PCBs, conformal coatings for environmental protection as well as wide temperature operation, increasing system capability in the field while meeting strict Size, Weight and Power(SWaP) constraints. We have a dedicated engineering team offering hardware and firmware customization support. Our commitment to long term collaboration through the military product life cycle as well as product longevity set us apart and allow us to be your reliable COTS partner.

Increase Operational Capability

Strong ISR(Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) capability is at the heart of the modern military. For ISR systems in defense and aerospace applications handling 3D Radar, IED detection, Line of Sight Analysis, Surveillance and more, the performance bottlenecks faced are often real time signal processing problems that confound traditional processors yet are a perfect fit for the massively parallel nature of GPUs. With increased floating performance compared to expensive custom FPGAs, GPGPU cards enable embedded systems to efficiently take on these parallel computing challenges. Aetina’s GPGPU computing solutions use standardized form factors which are easily upgraded and let system integrators develop higher performance digital processing systems with limited development time using software based CUDA programming instead of being locked into proprietary, complex hardware systems.

Meet SWaP Constraints

In the never ending quest for increased combat capability, modern military systems require more computing power than ever before while meeting stringent SWaP constraints. For example, full featured radar systems once needing a server class computing platform are being asked for in ground vehicles and UAVs. These High Perfomance Embedded Computing systems can be realized through the power of many-core GPU technology. Aetina’s GPGPU computing solutions in compact form factors such as MXM are able to pack more computing power into less space. By combining a CPU with Aetina’s CUDA based MXM graphics solutions, military embedded systems can unlock the power of GPU’s processor cores to accelerate the most in-demand battlefield ISR capabilities from much smaller, and more efficient systems.

Rugged COTS Graphics Cards

Defense and aerospace systems operate in harsh environments requiring ruggedized solutions. Aetina understands military customers look at COTS solutions to speed time to market and meet budgetary requirements but can’t sacrifice operational capability. Our line of graphics cards for defense applications uses corrosion resistant ENIG PCBs, robust 30 micro-inch thick golden interface connectors, and we offer ruggedization value added services including conformal coatings for resistance against dust, moisture, chemicals and physical stress, as well as wide temperature operation to ensure reliable operation even in temperature extremes.

Your Reliable Military Technology Partner

With a dedicated engineering team, we offer close collaboration with the capability for both hardware and firmware customization to meet your application requirements. We understand that military systems development takes time and equipment needs to stay in service longer as well, so we are there for you through the full development cycle and support your equipment long term with product longevity to meet fixed BOM requirements. In addition, Aetina’s embrace of standards such as OpenVPX, Compact PCI and MXM as well as the use of CUDA based GPU computing makes upgrading and scaling performance a snap, giving you greater flexibility and keeping your products relevant instead of obsolete.

Aetina Graphics Card’s Features for Defense and Aerospace Applications

• Conformal Coating Ruggedization
• Wide Temperature Operational Range
• Robust 30μ“ Golden Finger Interface Connector
• Specialized Form Factors including MXM, CompactPCI Express, VPX, XMC
• Product Longevity Service
• Hardware and Firmware Customization

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