NSO-MD-TX2_front NSO-MD-TX2_s
NSO-MD-TX2_front NSO-MD-TX2_s


NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 Supercomputer on Module (SoM) with NVIDIA 256-core Pascal™ GPU

HMP CPU combines quad-core ARM Cortex-A57 and dual-core Denver 2
Integrates 256-core NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU
Performance is twice as powerful as Jetson TX1
Support 4Kx2K 60 Hz video encode and decode
Best balanced power envelop suitable for mobile/embedded devices
World's leading AI computing module for intelligent devices at the edge,
   suitable for drones, robotics, security, intelligent cameras
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The latest AI supercomputer on a module, powered by 256-core NVIDIA® Pascal ™ GPU, Jetson TX2 brings the high-performance, low-power and real-time AI computing performance into the embedded devices at the edge. The newest processor of Jetson TX2 is NVIDIA Tegra X2, a hex-core ARMv8 64-bit CPU complex, fully based on HMP configuration with quad-core ARM® Cortex A57 and dual-core Denver 2, empowering double performance or twice power efficiency than its predecessor, the Jetson TX1. Quickly start to develop AI applications, you can choose Aetina's TEGRA-ready carrier boards, with full-featured connectors and interfaces or through Aetina Customized Service to create your own specific carrier boards. Best of all, backed by Aetina iNAVI Customized Operating System, which a tailor-made Linux operating system built exclusively for your hardware platforms, including system recovery and security control, allowing exceptional optimizations and enhancements to your end devices.
Model Number NSO-MD-TX2
Processor NVIDIA Tegra X2
HMP Dual Denver 2/ 2MB L2+
Quad ARM A57 /2MB L2
GPU Architecture NVIDIA Pascal™
Graphics Processing Unit NVIDIA Tegra X2
NVIDIA® CUDA™ Cores 256
Single-Precision Floating Point (GFLOPS) 1.5 TFLOPS
Memory Size 8GB LPDDR4
Memory Interface Width 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 58.3
DirectX 12
OpenGL 4.5
OpenGL ES 3.1
OpenCL 1.1
NVIDIA CUDA enabled support (CUDA 7.0)
Support Technology Kernel version 4.4.15
X Resize, Rotate and Reflect Extension (RandR) 1.4
X11 Support
Operation System Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Max. Displays per Board 2
Max. Digital Display 4096x2160
Max. Analog Display N/A
LCD-eDP yes
HDMI yes
Max. Board Power Consumption (W) 7.5
Power Type +19V DC
Thermal Heat Spreader
Form Factor System on Module
Dimensions (mm) 87x50
Operating Temperature (℃ ) 0 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
-20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Storage Temperature (℃ ) -40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃
Operating Humidity 10~90%
Mass Storage 32GB eMMC 5.1 Flash
1x SATA interface
1 x SD card interface
LAN 1x Gigabit Ethernet
1x 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth
Video Interfaces 2x DSI (x4 lanes)
CSI (6 x2 or 3 x4)
USB 3x USB2.0 Host Port
3x USB3.0 Host Port
Audio 1x I2S for HD Audio
PCI Express 1x PCI Express 1 lane
1x PCI Express 4 lanes
Other I/O 8x I2C
3x I2S
3x SPI
2x CAN
Real Time Clock
Power Management Signals
Thermal/ FAN Management
Model Number Description
NSO-MD-TX2 NVIDIA Jetson TX2 System on Module, Tegra X2, Heat Spreader
0 ℃ ~ +55 ℃