General Purpose Graphics Card
General Purpose Graphics Card

General Purpose Graphics Card

Today, it is no doubt the industrial applications are growing demanding of elaborate graphics and compute capabilities. For example, the automatic manufacturing facility utilizing machine inspection requires more precise 2D/3D imaging and real-time pixel counting processing. Casino gaming solutions now need better processing performance per watt and immersive 3D graphics to capture player’s attention. Multiple displays with improved 3D and video performance are essential for intelligent security deployments and gaming machines. The modern medical imaging industry is embracing advanced 3D visualization quickly than ever.Detailed digital graphs, charts and 3D rendering visualizations, help doctors and radiologists make quick diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment to their patients.
Aetina offers the extensive General Purpose Graphics Cards, including PCI, PCI Express x1, PCI Express x16 portfolio, fulfilling and exceeding the unique requirements of these applications for
industry-specific features such as multi-displays, small form factor, low power consumption, fanless, two-ball-bearing cooling fan, industrial-grade components, 4K resolutions and mores.
Long-term support and longevity service are our core commitment from an understanding that industrial systems demand much longer lifecycles. Thanks to Aetina’s strong hardware and firmware team, enable us to support customer reliability, stability and flexibility from our industrial know-how and customization services. 

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